Oneplus 9R is an exciting new smartphone in the market. It is not only striking in its looks, but also offers some unique user experience. If you are looking for a stylish smartphone that has everything that can make your day colourful, this is just right for you. Let us look at the unique selling proposition of the Oneplus 9R and how to buy one.

— PRE ONETIME EXPERIENCE: The Oneplus 9R comes with a mind-blowing dual SIM tray. There is no such thing as clashing looks anymore with this handset. The Oneplus 9R comes with a huge faux leather, along with an extremely smooth back that has been designed with comfort in mind. The Oneplus 9R can be used either on AT&T’s GSM network or on any other network of your choice. You can even get internet connectivity with this smartphone thanks to the amazing 4G technology.

— EXPERIENCE LEADER: The Oneplus 9R oneplus 9r android phone from Sony Ericsson comes with an OS named “Plasticky OS” which is quite different from the normal Android system. This OS comes with its own user interface called Plasticky UI, which looks very much similar to the HTC Desire HD or the LG Optimus Vu. This OS comes loaded with a lot of features like an animated interface, which looks very much similar to that of the iPhone and iPad. With the help of the widgets and functions that come along with the device, the interface looks very much elegant and neat. Moreover, the intuitive dialer also makes it all the more useful for the consumers.

— FLuid Amoled Display: The Oneplus 9R comes with an advanced dual screen feature, namely a large 5.5 inch capacitive Super AMOLED display along with a smaller 2.5 inch panel. This feature allows you to use the smaller panel for watching videos and viewing images whereas the larger one is great for using the camera and enjoying your games. The phone offers a very fluid amoled display which looks very vibrant and colourful. The bright blacks and vibrant colours of the display are what make this handset so alluring to the users.

— RAZORPHIC CAMERIA: The Oneplus 9R comes with the wonderful camera component which is just like the iPhone 4G. The camera comes with both digital zoom and video recording at the same time. It also offers you with slow motion video recording at the option of changing the speed according to your needs. This camera also offers you with professional photo quality at the same time, which cannot be found in any other mobile phone.

— LANTAC RAZORPHIC CAMERIA: The Sony Imx Crusher is equipped with a rear camera that is just like the iPhone Camera. The one plus advantage with the iPhone is that you can use it both as a camera as well as a communication gadget. The iPhone however does not come with any rear camera. There is this unique rear camera setup in this handset called as the Lantac RAZORPHIC CAMERIA. This camera has two cameras in it. One is called as the Primary camera and the other one is called as the Macro camera.

Amazing Features In The Oneplus 9R