Winter weather has received record snowfalls and freezing winds since cities in the east. Global warming is a laughing matter as global freezing is causing havoc worldwide. Yes worldwide. , China, Germany, England, Poland, Finland, the Ough.S.A. and many other countries have had bitter cold winters resulting in many deaths. The cold and ice also caused millions to proceed without power as well as heat. Several businesses and city services closed because of inclement weather.

Now if these situations are signs from God, what if any likelihood that man can prevent these things occurring? Not much a chance! In the event the hand of God without a doubt behind these events, then man possess more chance of holding back the tide than planning to prevent these products from manifesting.

We must unite as citizens of one planet help make our leaders address this most pressing issue. Health legislation, ethics reforms, tax code changes and various other rule behavior think associated with earning means nothing in comparison to the climate change s we now face. Frequently come together when faced with disaster. From ice storms, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes different disasters, the best of humanity surfaces when catastrophe strikes. Might be a catastrophes strike the entire planet, could there be able somebody to help? Who will send food, clothing and shelter most are attacked? Ignoring climate change will not get it to go down. More studies will not make it go out.

We fight climate change been recently encountering restricted farm produces, especially previously form of after affects of the green Revolution. An individual think, tend to be : a be required to have 2nd Green Revolution, although using a different quality?

The Maverick, while touting his to be able to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, wants to implement a 50 cent per gallon gas tax to curb emissions. A strategy that was originally spoken by lefty Carl Levin and backed by every Al Gore fan son.

What I am most shocked about is the apparent silence from NAR. Perhaps they are working behind the scenes, but I never heard a peep all of them. Have you?

Last but another major cause of worldwide warming is cutting down of trees in volume. Large patches of forests are cut to make towns and apartments. We forget that even when we have power plants and vehicles to drive, with trees around we may still be safe. Together with deforestation at large, these life savers are also vanishing.

Green ‘Party’ Versus Green ‘Revolution’