Stem cells are currently one of the hottest topics. Research in this area causes a lot of excitement and controversy. But that may somehow be the future of medicine.
The number one cause of controversy is research on the medical use of embryonic stem cells. However, while there are many applications in which adult stem cells work well, this study is indisputable, if not more. Veterinary applications of adult stem cell therapy are far more advanced than human applications. Horses and dogs have been well treated for several years.
Vet-Stem, a California company, has developed a technique that uses adult stem cells to treat degenerative diseases in horses and dogs and soft tissue damage in orthopedics. Vet-Stem recently celebrated the milestone of 5,000 therapeutic animals.
Adult stem cells are found in the adult body and their purpose is to repair dying or damaged tissue. They are the healing powers of the body. It’s a storehouse of what we might call empty cells, ready to transform into all sorts of specialized cells as needed, including blood cells, skin cells, muscle sales, etc … Without it, a simple scratch will not heal.
This well-defined purpose of adult stem cells reveals why research on the acquisition of this healing power is a very exciting area. This is what they are doing. Now it’s just a matter of getting them to work.
Fat-Voice Regenerative Veterinary Medicine has developed a technology that utilizes this healing power. The technique uses mature stem cells from the patient’s own adipose tissue. Who would have thought that fat had such a hidden potential!

For dogs, a Vet-Stem certified veterinarian removes a small amount of adipose tissue from the dog’s shoulders, chest and abdomen and sends it to Vet-Stem for overnight treatment. Fat-Stem extracts cells from adipose tissue and sends them back to a certified veterinarian. Veterinarians inject cells into the area of ​​injury or illness. Once the stem cells enter the area, they go to work to repair the damage. Very easy.
Not only does it make a great sound on paper, but it also helps dogs get rid of pain and regain their quality of life. Some surprising results have been reported for successful treatments. Dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other degenerative conditions and injuries will benefit from treatment. No drugs or pain! Because our dog is one of the beneficiaries.
This treatment is currently available in umbilical cord phoenix North America and the Middle East and will soon be available in Australia.
Unlike other treatments such as NSAIDs, this treatment addresses the root of the problem without the risk of serious side effects.
The only drawback I can see is that this treatment requires minor surgery and the dog needs to be anesthetized for both tissue removal and injection. Accuracy is essential when injecting into the joint. However, unused doses can be stored for future use, and Vet-Stem can also grow additional cells if desired. This eliminates the need for repeated surgery to remove adipose tissue.
It is sad that regenerative medicine today is often considered only after all other treatments have failed. I strongly support this treatment, and I would like you to think about regenerative medicine in the near future.

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